Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

From our perspective, litigation is not only a skill — it is an art. It combines the desire to formulate an idea in the most accurate and refined manner, with intelligence, creativity and strategy. It is knowing when to fight, and when not to. Therefore, we approach every case uniquely with a tailor-made solution. We design our solutions according to the needs of the client and we do not rest until the goal we have jointly defined is achieved.

We represent our clients before all courts, from the Magistrates Courts to the Supreme Court. Our firm specializes in providing legal assistance and representation in all types of commercial and corporate disputes. We have extensive experience in managing disputes relating to technology and venture capital, such as disputes between founders, disputes surrounding the implementation of investment agreements and disputes with officeholders. Our firm has vast knowledge dealing with legal disputes concerning shareholder disputes and control struggles, and financial, contractual, and proprietary disputes. In addition, we have special expertise in legal disputes in the field of bankruptcy, including in situations of company dissolution, asset receiverships, corporate recovery and debt settlements.

Bankruptcy and Corporate Turnaround

Among our firm’s specialties is bankruptcy law, and our team is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled in the field. We represent creditors and debtors, both in Israel and abroad, on corporate recovery proceedings, liquidations, receiverships and personal bankruptcy natters (bankruptcy). Our firm’s team has played a key role in some of the most important cases conducted in Israel’s economy. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Advice to shareholders and officers when the company is in financial distress
  • Formulation of recovery plans
  • Guiding shareholders and officers in the formation of creditor arrangements
  • Representing companies in requests for the issuance of an order to open insolvency proceedings
  • Representing commercial entities in the purchase of insolvent companies (or the purchase of their business activities)
  • Representing officers in proceedings against companies’ trustees
  • Representing shareholders in personal bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representing creditors in complex collection proceedings

Among other things, our firm is unique in our ability to provide clients with a wide range of services, including first-class legal advice and financial and accounting expertise which are necessary in financial recovery and handling credit crises.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We appreciate all types of entrepreneurs, both in the mainstream industry and in the hi-tech sector. We enjoy the imagination, creative thinking, broad vision, and precise execution required to turn an idea into a successful company. We derive satisfaction from our ability to assist in the tough roller coaster that characterizes the entrepreneurial journey. We see ourselves as the ones whose job it is to answer any legal questions that the entrepreneurs or the company they founded may encounter and to provide the peace and security that will allow them to concentrate on executing business.

Our firm is experienced in providing ongoing legal advice to corporations of various types including start-ups, family businesses, public companies, government companies and public authorities. We guide investors, entrepreneurs and companies in investment transactions and other commercial transactions, both in the hi-tech industry and in the mainstream industry, starting from the negotiation stage until the completion of the transaction. We are accustomed to drafting various commercial agreements (licensing agreements, pilot agreements, distribution agreements, EULAs, joint venture agreements, and more), and drafting the agreements along with the accompanying documents for financing rounds. In addition, our firm is accustomed to providing legal advice to boards of directors and senior management regarding aspects of corporate governance, the implementation of the articles of association and other incorporating documents (as far as they exist), and the current areas of the company’s activities, including issues related to labor laws.