About Us

Harel Law Firm specializes in providing advice, guidance and creating legal solutions for entrepreneurs, companies, shareholders and office holders.

Our rich experience in the field of commercial-corporate litigation and the field of bankruptcy has made us committed to our belief in the deal-making approach. We do not believe in unnecessary battles, which consume time and resources and, in the end, even harm the company’s performance. On the other hand, we believe in exercising legal power, if and as necessary, to bring our clients to the best possible position for them. Just as war was once defined as “the continuation of diplomacy in other ways,” we believe that the legal process is, in fact, the continuation of negotiations for a deal, only in other ways and under circumstances where the “regular” negotiations have reached a dead end.

Accordingly, our approach is based on four key principles:

Deal Making

striving to secure the best deal for our clients while focusing on their business interests

Unique Service Experience

Providing a unique service experience, which aims to allow our clients to rest easy


Creating meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients

Constant professionalization

Uncompromising pursuit of excellence

Our Team

Adv. Achiad Harel
Founding Partner
Adv. Nicole Yacob
Yael Cohen-Mosheiov
Adv. Irit Edri