Achiad Harel

Adv. Achiad Harel

Founding Partner

Practice Areas

Achiad is a founding partner of the firm and is a veteran and experienced attorney in the fields of bankruptcy and corporate rehabilitation, commercial-corporate litigation and commercial law.

Achiad specializes in the field of bankruptcy, and in addition to his appointment by bankruptcy courts as an officer for companies in financial distress, he specializes in representing creditors, companies and officers in legal proceedings related to corporate rehabilitation, liquidations, asset seizures and personal bankruptcy. Achiad’s legal handling of these issues combines a legal and financial view of each case, in a way that allows creative solutions to be reached that will lead to the best result in the challenging circumstances of credit crises.

Achiad also specializes in complex commercial and financial disputes such as control struggles, shareholder disputes, shareholders’ discrimination, disputes surrounding insolvency, disputes between entrepreneurs, companies and investors (venture capital), disputes relating to technology, securities, intellectual property, officers’ liability and disputes between partners.

Furthermore, Achiad has extensive experience in commercial and corporate law in all its aspects, and he deals with ongoing commercial advice and support for companies and legal advice for shareholders, office holders and entrepreneurs.

The legal guidance and representation provided by Achiad is characterized by an overall view of the case, both professionally and personally, which considers the substantial impact that the legal process has on the client’s well-being.

  • Advanced training in insolvency, debt settlement and corporate recovery, New York University

  • MBA, Northwestern University

  • LLM, Bar Ilan University

  • LLB, Tel Aviv University

  • Sahai Harel & Co., Partner

  • Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co., Partner

  • Katzenell Dimant & Co., Partner

  • Shapira & Co., Partner

  • Handbook on Shareholders´ Agreements – Regulation, Practice and Comparative Analysis (with Dr. Omer Kimhi and Ms. Yve Bynstock) De Gruyter (May 2018).
  • “Mezzanine Transactions” Corporations 8, No. 2 (2011): 80 (with Mr. Omer Gadish)
  • Hebrew
  • English